Liz & Dick Trailer Looks Dramatic, Still Proves Nothing About Lindsay Lohan’s Acting


“God, that woman knows how to make an entrance,” Grant Bowler as Richard Burton says in the trailer for Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. And he could just as easily be talking about his co-star Lindsay Lohan as about Elizabeth Taylor. (Just ask Jose Rodriguez, heh. Sorry.) We’re dying to see this TV-movie already, and not because we’re huge fans of the screen legends and their tumultuous relationship, obvs, but because we want to see if this is the LiLo comeback we’ve been waiting for.

But alas, it looks like we’ll have to wait until November to answer that question. This trailer shows Lindsay looking super glam, as she has in all the stills we’ve seen from the movie. But here are the three lines she utters:

“You’re screwing that witch!”

“I hate you!”

“Ugh, who’s counting?”

Was this the kind of acting that made her exhaustion to the point of near hospitalization worth it? That warranted that giant hotel bill? C’mon, Lifetime! Give us a little more!

[Photo: Lifetime]

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