Rihanna Live-Tweets Her Trip To A Strip Club, Gets Us Up Close And Personal


Rihanna live tweets trip to strip club

“I feel a sin coming on,” Rihanna tweeted last night. We expect no less from our favorite good girl gone bad, who treated her twitter followers to a front row seat to a strip club! Riri hit up an anonymous (for now) “gentleman’s club,” where she proceeded to live tween the whole event, even tweeting a picture of a performer giving her a lap dance. That’s gotta cost extra. Maybe that’s what that money in her mouth is all about?

“Bands ah make her dance,” Rihanna captioned her work, referencing Juicy J’s classic stripper standby, “Bands Will Make Her Dance” (or so we’re told…) We have to admit, R-rated content aside,¬† it’s kind of a cool image. Reminds us of that vase illusion picture. The 24-year old seems to be something of a strip club connoisseur these days. She made headlines back in February for hitting up a random New York area pole dancing joint. She tweeted pix then too, drizzling cash¬† So here’s another reason to hang out in strip clubs, folks: You might just see Rihanna!

Just in case scantily clad women writhing around covered in cash doesn’t bump your “shocking” button, Rihanna then tweeted pictures of her and her friends at a shooting range. Where else do you go after a strip club, you guys? It’s the logical progression! Rihanna held up a target and she’s apparently a damn good shot. “Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf–kin air,” she wrote. Man down, indeed. Rihanna’s badass stock just keeps getting higher! She also showed off her new tat in a hot bikini pic. Check out Rihanna’s wild last few days in the gallery below!

[Photo: Twitter]

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