“Tonight’s The Night, Cheadle”: The 15 Most Memorable (And Hilarious!) Emmys Quotes


Memorable Emmy Quotes

Apart from Aaron Paul’s sniffle-inducing shout-outs, the greatest Emmy quote of the night has to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ beautiful acceptance speech for her Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy. As the Veep star put it, “First of all, I’d like to thank NBC, Parks and Rec, my beautiful boys Archie…and…Abel…” Oh wait! That was Amy Poehler’s acceptance speech, which the Parks and Rec star scrambled on stage to change out for Dreyfus’ real speech, making it the second year in a row Amy Poehler was responsible for the Emmys‘ best bit. Classic Knope! Of course, host Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of the Emmy attendees had more than few excellent quotes in their couture back pockets, such as…

  1. “I had to shave his neck, then do a slow fade down his back to make it look natural.” Leslie Mann on the red carpet, explaining how she groomed Judd Apatow.
  2. “He played a sex idiot. He’s good at it.” Tina Fey on the red carpet, discussing Ryan Lochte‘s cameo on 30 Rock.
  3. Amanda Bynes gave me a ride over.” Jimmy Fallon on the E! red carpet.
  4. “I, for one, am sorry you didn’t win tonight. Too soon?,” Kimmel joking about Jon Hamm during the show’s intro. “He’ll be fine. Look at him.” All the funnier now seeing as how Jon Hamm totally lost.
  5. “Mary and Kitty, your daddy won an Emmy.” Louis C.K., accepting his Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.
  6. “I wanted another one, so that’s nice. ” Louis C.K., accepting his Emmy for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special.
  7. “My job really amounts to me falling down while wearing lipstick and nipple covers.” Julie Bowen, accepting her Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, after which she hyped “the ABC censors that require nipple covers.”
  8. “This is what I’m going to eat at my wedding. What are you going to eat at your wedding?” ‪Aubrey Anderson-Emmons‬ as Evil Lily, munching on a Chik-fil-A sandwich during the Modern Family video bit. (Okay…maybe this is our favorite Emmys quote.)
  9. “I wore out that poster of Ducky.” Melissa McCarthy, perving on Jon Cryer,
  10. “Tonight’s the night, Cheadle.” Melissa McCarthy, perving on Don Cheadle.
  11. “This is what happens when you don’t come to rehearsal.” Seth McFarlane (as Stewie), acknowledging that he had no idea where the correct microphone was located.
  12. “Go ahead and Tase them, bro.” Kimmel, as he asked security to escort his parents out of the Emmy awards…which they then did.
  13. “Brillant, bloody brilliant. Fish and chips. Cheers.” Aziz Ansari, trying out his British accent for the all acting cred it bestows.
  14. “Invisible…shrimp…truck driver.” Tina Fey, attempting to read the cue cards “without her glasses.”
  15. “Tell Kerry Washington I’m alright.” Tracy Morgan, while being carted out during his attempt-to-go-viral bid.

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