Based On The New Trailer, Vamps Is Scratching Every Part Of Our Clueless Itch. Oh, Also Vampires.


It would be easy to compare Vamps to Clueless, if only for the fact that Vamps made possible the reunion of Clueless director Amy Hecklering with her star Alicia Silverstone. While that pairing alone makes the movie exquisitely squee-worthy, there are so many obvious Clueless elements at play in the new film, the Vamps trailer is satisfying a Clueless desire we didn’t even know we had. Not unlike the deep, uncontrollable desire for blood! Okay, so the vampire plotline might make it seem like Vamps falls outside your average “amazing girl comedy” genre. But let’s take a closer look, shall we? Much like Clueless, Vamps provides…

Beautiful lady friendship

Dan Stevens, looking for all the world like a young blond Paul Rudd.

Wallace Shawn: formerly the endearingly tragic Mr. Hall, now the vampire hunter Van Helsing.

What appears to be a built-in “Rolling With The Homies” moment.

As a wise woman once said, “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” (Unless of course you are hitting on a human, as he might notice your mouthful of razor-sharp fangs.)

So. Many. Baby. Doll. Dresses.

Okay, so we have no idea what the Clueless analogy to this scene would be, but we love it anyway. Maybe Tai falling down a flight of stairs? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

[Photo: Getty Images/Lucky Monkey Pictures]

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