Kim Kardashian Finally Gives Us What We We’ve Been Waiting For: Permission To Belt Our Swimsuits


Kim Kardashian Belted Swimsuit

At last. We’ve been waiting our entire lives for someone to make this fashion trend happen. We should have guessed it would be Kim Kardashian who finally pulled it off. While filming for the upcoming season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kardashian accessorized her white one-piece with a golden belt like she wasn’t even revolutionizing fashion as we know it (which she was). Think about it: what outfit doesn’t look better with a belt? That’s right: none of them. Plus, swimsuits are the hardest of article of clothing to wear. Isn’t it better to have the option to cinch in your waist? Oh man, someone has to tell What Not To Wear‘s Stacey and Clinton about this. This is going to change everything. For the better.

Overall, we’d say this is a way better look than the ladies’ bikini promo last week. Well, better for us normal people, we mean; Kim could wear an old box spring and still look like a statue of a Greek goddess. We’re just not sure whether to credit Kim’s new look to Kanye‘s influence or not. The golden part screams Yeezy, but girl has always known how to accentuate her teeny middle. Maybe Kanye could draw up some designs for a swim blazer? To be paired with a swim wedge and a wide-leg swim trouser? We’d all probably be dragged down into our watery graves, but wow, we sure will look good doing it!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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