Judge Warns Chris Brown To Be “Mindful,” Sadly Doesn’t Mention That Neck Tattoo


Chris Brown

During Chris Brown’s probation status hearing yesterday, Judge Patricia Schnegg warned the singer that he needs to be more “mindful” of both the law and the example he sets for young fans, the Associated Press reports. The judge, who has previously praised Brown for his “progress” since being convicted of assaulting Rihanna in 2009, brought up two potential sticking points: the “somewhat cryptic” nature of his community service records and the fact that he tested positive for marijuana at a random drug screening. Brown’s lawyer is confident that the former will be cleared up soon, and his medical marijuana prescription resolved the latter. Still, Schnegg didn’t seem to let him off the hook so easily. That club brawl with Drake, not to mention that time he allegedly snatched a woman’s cell phone, surely didn’t go unnoticed by the court

“You are not an average person who can sit in their living room and do what you want to do,” she said. “You are not only in the public eye, but you are on probation.”

We really think she would have spiced up proceedings if she’d questioned him on that neck tattoo.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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