Nicki Minaj Launches Fragrance Looking Like … A Saucy Sailor?


Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday In New York

Nicki Minaj made a splash in New York yesterday when she launched her fragrance “Pink Friday” with appearances on The View and a visit to Macy’s on Herald Square. With a name like that, it wouldn’t have been hard to guess what color she’d wear to all the promotions, right? Exactamundo — pink. The fragrance is supposedly, “a blend of sweet florals, vanilla and musk” but get this — the bottle basically looks like a bust of Nicki. It’s been created to look like her, as you can see in both pictures above. So, in other words, the bottle is terrifying because it’s like that moment when the Terminator grows out of molten metal to look like a human being. Love Nicki … but imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having that bottle staring right at you?  The bottle also comes with a custom gold ‘Nicki Minaj‘ nameplate necklace, which is supposed to make up for the scary Nicki-bottle. Nicki seems to thinks so, telling MTV News that, “My fans are going to spaz out when they see this.”

We’re also a bit confused as to what she was trying to achieve here with the wardrobe. Because the top half is all pink with kaleidoscopic swirls and vintage Barbz, but then she goes and puts on a pink Captain’s hat and tight, nautical-striped pants and goes and proceeds to salute everyone, as you can see below. Saucy sailor? Can we call her Cap’n from now on? And if we did, would she give us those blue suede ankle boots? Nicki also explained the genesis of the fragrance saying, “I’ve been thinking about [a fragrance] for like, the last two years actually; I knew I was going to call it Pink Friday. I didn’t know I would have a pink wig on the bottle until I met with the fragrance company and they asked me what I wanted my bottle to look like and I said — is there any way we can put a pink wig on it? They said, ‘You know what? Let’s try,’ and they came back with sketches and I was floored that they actually nailed it, I couldn’t stop looking at the sketches.” And we can’t stop looking at the bottle, so mission accomplished!

Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday perfume launch

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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