Beyonce Pregnancy Rumor: Body-Snarking Or Wishful Thinking?


Beyonce and Elaine Hamilton

The above photo is what’s caused all sorts of hysteria over the idea of Beyonce being pregnant again, eight months after giving birth to Blue Ivy. Now, of course, this isn’t unheard of. A lot of women are extra fertile after having a baby, so you see a lot of siblings born so close together. But we can hardly call a little bit of rounding in a skintight Roberto Cavalli dress incontrovertible proof that Beybey #2 is in the oven, as MediaTakeout exclaimed on Monday. We know Beyonce was working out a million hours a day and not eating anything good in order to lose her baby weight in time for her Atlantic City concerts this spring. Do you blame the girl at all for taking a break and having a piece of bread since then? If you saw any normal woman looking this slim within a year of having a baby, you would be astonished at how much weight she lost.

Helping or not helping this new rumor: The denial from Beyonce’s mother. “It’s gonna happen when it’s time, but not right now,” Tina Knowles said. Which, she would probably say whether or not B were actually pregnant. Also, you can point to the fact that Beyonce has a giant glass of cognac in her hands in this photo from Sunday night. But then again, “witnesses” said she never actually sipped from that glass.

Desiree Perez and Beyonce

So, people are going to believe what they want to believe. Not like we wouldn’t welcome another Blue in the world. We just think it’s rather mean to declare this the absolute truth, especially if it’s very early in the pregnancy.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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