Did Rihanna Really Offer To Defend Chris Brown In Court?


Will Rihanna defend Chris Brown in court

Wise folks always say: love is strange. Wonderful, beautiful and incredible, obviously. But also strange, messy, and complicated. Sometimes it makes you do things that seem weird to the outside world. This should not come as news. So bearing in mind that law of the universe, we’re pass along the news that Rihanna is reportedly offering to defend Chris Brown in a court hearing to decide whether or not he has violated his parole. We reported yesterday that Brown got him some hot water by failing a drug test, but according to RadarOnline Riri wants to ask Judge Patricia Schnegg to not consider it a violation of his probation.

“Rihanna has spoken to Chris since his progress reporting hearing on Monday afternoon and offered her continued support,” the source says. Rihanna has already taken to twitter to send good vibes his way, but the insider says that she’s willing to go much further. “Rihanna told Chris she would go to court on November 1 for his court appearance and tell Judge Patricia Schnegg that she shouldn’t set a hearing to decide if he violated terms of his probation because he has accepted responsibility for his actions and has apologized to RiRi on multiple occasions.” If recent rumors are to be believed, Rihanna has more than forgiven him, and may even be working towards rekindling their romance. Or not. But regardless of their relationship status, some folks feel that they’re far too close for comfort.

“Rihanna would also tell the judge that Chris isn’t the same person now as he was on that fateful night when he assaulted her,” the source continued. “Rihanna doesn’t care if she is criticized for standing by Chris, she genuinely loves him.” That last part definitely isn’t rumor. Rihanna confirmed this herself in August when she appeared on Oprah and admitted that she still loves Brown. It’s incredible that the 24-year-old Rihanna has found it in herself to forgive after Chris hurt her so badly, and it’s really great that she doesn’t walk around with hate and anger insider her. We just hope that she’s careful and safe, but beyond that there’s nothing else we can really say.

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