Heidi Klum Tweets Some Purr-fect Pictures From Her Past


Heidi Klum Tweets Old Pictures Of Herself With Car Ears On

This is a welcome change from the other bit of Heidi Klum photographic business we’ve been writing about. She was in the news recently as she was contemplating suing a French publication for having sneakily taken and published unauthorized topless pictures of Klum while she was on vacay with her bodyguard boyfriend in the South of France. It was like Kate Middleton, part deux. But enough of that nasty business. Klum has managed to charm us into (almost) forgetting that there are lurid pictures of her splashed across the interwebz with one simple tweet.

Heidi Klum Tweet

Actually, we’re thinking good kitty, because Heidi looks pretty hot, which has got to sound like an understatement by now, right? ¬†She’s saying, “… baaad kitty” but she knew that the photograph would cause a collective aneurysm. We’re on to you, Klum! Ex-supermodels … they know just how to wrap us around their little fingers. We wonder how old this photograph actually is? While Heidi didn’t have an awkward teenage phase, like the rest of us mere mortals, this proves that she hasn’t had an awkward phase, period. The woman actually has to WTF herself up on purpose to look something other an incredible. Yes, life is really that unfair.

[Photo via Twitter]

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