Rob And Kristen Reportedly Move Back In Together


Us Weekly has a new story out this morning claiming that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have moved back in together. “They are living together and have reconciled,” says one of their infamously anonymous sources. “I knew he eventually he wouldn’t be able to resist her saying, ‘Please, please, please,’ ” said another “insider.” According to the article they’ve found a new home to share in L.A., as Rob’s Los Feliz digs “has too many memories.”

The pair hasn’t been spotted together publicly since Kristen’s Kiss-gate, but Rob was seen out and about enjoying Emmy weekend and Kristen just jetted off to Paris today for Fashion Week. Not that I expect them to go out together for a casual dinner of ramen noodles, what with the way the press is up their butts in a major way right now. Nay, I expect these two to lay kinda low, whatever the status of their relationship is (which, according to numerous reports, is very much ON).

Now, my first reaction to this new Us story was, “It’s none of our business. Let these poor people breath and live their lives without us interfering in their every move!!!” Because really.

But if I’m being honest — which I try to be, even when it’s mortifying — my second reaction to this was, “I know I care way too much about a couple I don’t know, but this gives me all the feels, and I really hope they are taking time to work through their issues and rebuild trust and just connect with each other in a meaningful way and, like, there’s no need to rush into anything, guys, but if this is what’s best for you and you’ve decided this together, then godspeed, you attractive pair of cuties, you! See you at Ikea!”

But really, it’s none of our business. Right?

What do YOU think of Us‘ story? Holler at me — comments, Twitter…you know where to find me. (And yes, I purposefully chose an old photo of Rob and Kristen because isn’t it cute? 2008, you were fun.)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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