This Ryan Lochte, Connor Dwyer PSA Has Way Too Much Clothing


Jeah! We were just sent a link to this new PSA starring Olympic hotties Ryan Lochte and Connor Dwyer. And since we would never keep something so visually stimulating to ourselves, we’re sharing it with you.

In the PSA, Ryan and Connor make a great case for why we should support Water for People, an organization that aims to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. Now, we love to feel all warm and fuzzy inside after supporting a good cause, but we can’t help but think they’d receive millions more in donations if Ryan and Connor were shirtless. Seriously, the entire time we watched the video we thought, “This is the part where they take their shirts off, right?” And it never happened. Talk about a charitable buzzkill. This way, all we could think about was their painfully stiff line-reading.

But we will forgive the swimming twosome, because they’re supporting a good cause. But if they ever star in a PSA for eczema, there better not be a shirt in sight.

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