Happy Birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow! We’re Glad You Recovered From These 20 Fashion Fails



Gwyneth Paltrow turns 40 today, and we’re pleased to report that with maturity, the actress has apparently reached a much more stable sense of fashion. In order to appreciate this, we decided to give you a look at Gwynnie’s not too distant past as the queen of style hits and misses. Eccentricity and edginess can really be the game changer when it comes fashion, but this tactic occasionally backfired for Paltrow. From weird, unshapely shoulder pads to long, velvet and silk skirts that she may have borrowed from a gothic witch’s closet. We hope she saved some of these dresses for Apple to play dress-up with, though. We hope Gwyneth Paltrow can take a stroll down memory lane with us, while we laugh off these fashion fails, and she can say, “What the hell was I thinking?”

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