Suri Cruise Skips Around Talking On Her Tricked-Out Phone, Normal Six-Year-Old Stuff


Suri Cruise Talks On Cellphone In New York

Phone friend: Suri!

Suri Cruise: Oh, hai gurl!

Phone friend: Where you be?

Suri: Mom and I were bored so we just spent a gazillion dollars on Fifth Ave.

Phone friend: Paps?

Suri: You know it.

Phone friend: Outfit?

Suri: Lanvin and Loubs. But I didn’t feel like my heels today.

Phone friend: Hair?

Suri: Ponytail. Low. Pigtails are so kindergarten.

Suri Cruise Talks On Cellphone In New York

Suri: Mom’s so embarrassing. She’s wearing a poncho. And it’s not even Missoni.

Phone friend: NO!

Suri: Why am I even talking on this phone? Where my new iPhone 5? I’m SIX, people. It’s not like I’m getting any younger.

Phone friend: Nooooo way … you look fantaaastic. SO amazi …

Suri: I’m over this. Later.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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