Rest Of Catching Fire Tributes Announced; We Are Delighted By The Number Of Stunt People Cast


Catching Fire Casts Final Tribute

Let the (filming of the) Hunger Games begin! Or, well, continue! Lionsgate has released the final eleven Tributes cast in Catching Fire, and we are delighted by how many of them have worked primarily as stunt people. Based on their IMDB pages, new cast members like Jackson Spidell, Elena Sanchez and Bobby Jordan are predominately stunt actors, with extensive stunt credits to their name, on everything from The Expendables 2 to Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Watch to 21 Jump Street. It makes us rub our hands together in anticipation of some truly excellent action sequences. Having a trident hurled through your chest, Anchorman-style, perhaps? Being savaged by mutant monkeys, anyone? We’re sure their acting will be similarly excellent; you don’t snag Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amanda Plummer for your film just to blow it with a wooden tribute from District 5. This isn’t community theater here!

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The complete list of final Tributes includes Sanchez as Cecelia, Jason Casino as Woof and Jordan as Blight. Spidell and Tiffany Waxler are District 10’s male and female Tributes; Mirian Green and Daniel Bernhardt as District 9’s female and male Tributes; Justin Hix and Megan Hayes as District 6’s male and female Tributes, and James Logan and Ivette Li-Sanchez as District 5’s male and female Tributes. Now we only have to wait…over a year to see them all in action. These stunts had better be amazing! We don’t know why we’re upset when we know they’re going to be!

[Photo: Lionsgate]

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