Is That Brooke Shields Or A Brooke Shields Look-Alike Smoking Pot In This Vintage Photo?


Brooke Shields Allegedly Smoking Pot In Old Photo

Sometimes the more random the news is, the most fun it is. And this is pretty random. Dave Hill, who happens to be your everyday usual Twitter usual, tweeted out the photograph you see above of an alleged Brooke Shields smoking pot with the lead singer of Bad Brains, H.R, writing, “here is a photo of brooke sheilds smoking pot with h.r.¬†#what.” If that really is Brooke Shields, then it’s a pretty old picture, which, as is expected, has gone viral on the web, splitting viewers into two camps: those who think it is her, and those who don’t. For what it’s worth, her people have got right on it and categorically told HuffPo that, “It isn’t her.” Hill¬†obviously read their denial and got right back on Twitter and said, “Brooke Shields representative commenting on that bad brains picture to huff post means that Brooke Shields probably googled me today. Suup.” Which got us giggling, also because H.R looks pretty baked. So guys, what do you think? Is it Shields taking a hit out of the pipe? And what year do you reckon this is from?

David Hills Tweets Shot Of Alleged Brooke Shields Smoking Pot

[Photo via Twitter]

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