Justin Timberlake’s Golf Poem, Home Furnishing Line Could Use An Omeletteville Costume


If you’re a huge fan of Justin Timberlake’s music, or his Saturday Night Live appearances or even his acting career, we do not suggest watching him recite a poem called “Golf” in the above video from yesterday’s Ryder Cup opening ceremony. Unless your reading of this is that he’s being entirely ironic. I mean, we know he loves the sport and everything, but the man giving this earnest performance just does not seem like the same guy who gave us “Dick in the Box” and “SexyBack.” He unleashed this on the world on the very same day that Bon Appetit published an interview with the singer actor about his “entertaining” style. That’s as in, entertaining dinner guests, btw, not entertaining the world with your incredible music.

And, OK, what we learn about parties at JT and Jessica Biel’s home is pretty damn cool: “If you’re hosting people, you want them to feel like they’re in their own home. I don’t like things to be too formal. I’ve hosted Halloween murder mystery dinners where people had to search through the house for clues. We did one that was Prohibition era-themed. The girls showed up as flappers and the guys showed up in waistcoats and pinstripes. At some point, people will drink enough to be hungry, so you need enough food. I’ve hosted parties where I’ll have an In-and-Out truck show up later on in the evening. You know everyone will be hungry again.”

Yes, please, we would like to be your friend and come to these soirees, Justin. But also, we would still like to see this sort of creativity put to use for your adoring public too. This whole interview comes in conjunction with the launch of his online home furnishing collection HomeMint, curated by Timberlake and his interior designer, Estee Stanley. Really? That’s the best use of your time? Are you going to start breeding show dogs and playing polo next? Who are you? (PS. That pottery is kinda pretty.)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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