Miley Cyrus In Talks To Dominate Television Once Again With A Bonnie & Clyde Miniseries


Miley Cyrus Bonnie & Clyde Rumors

Well, we love this idea already; it’s time for a new era of Miley Cyrus being the biggest thing on TV! After visiting Ashton Kutcher‘s boudoir in Two And A Half Men this month, Miley is allegedly “in negotiations” to play another femme fatale in the Lifetime/History mini-series Bonnie & Clyde, squaring off against the cops as one half of the famous criminal due Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. We would love it if this was the role that schooled everyone on Miley’s adult acting ability. That throaty rasp! That all-American sass! And with any luck, people will start wearing berets again! It’s been so hard keeping the beret flame alive all by ourselves; we needed a celebrity to take up the mantle for us.

The role would be the first TV lead for Cyrus since Hannah Montana end in…well, it only ended in 2011, but it feels like a millennium ago. Our little bank robber has grown so much since then. Speaking of teen stars portraying historical felons, remember those rumors last year about Hilary Duff play Bonnie in a film version of Bonnie & Clyde? We feel the same way about missing the Duffster fight the law as nerds must feel about Nic Cage never playing Superman: part of us will always wonder what we could have been.

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