We’re All Ready For A Big Morning Buzz Live Gig To Spark Amanda Bynes’ Comeback, Right?


Amanda Bynes Offered Big Morning Buzz Live Spot

Obviously, we are biased, since some of us would get to see her walk past our cubicle every day, but truthfully we’re on board with Amanda Bynes potentially joining VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. If she wants to return to TV, that is. “We read that Amanda was in New York and that she may not have any projects on her plate so we thought inviting her to be a part of our team could be perfect timing,” show producer Shane Farley explained to VH1 Celebrity today, after news that BMBL wants Amanda surfaced on Thursday. “We report on all things Hollywood and she actually lives that life.  We think it could be great partnership.”

So do we, and not just because we’d get to make awkward small talk with her in the elevators. (No official offer has been sent to her, just to be clear, since, you know, she no longer has a regular management team and all. The show runners are hoping that this idea gets to her somehow, though.)

First of all, anyone who grew up during the ’90s knows Amanda Bynes is a talented performer. If she wants to be on camera again, she’s got a wealth of experience/charisma/good teeth to draw on. Also, let’s be honest: If anyone knows how your celebrity gossip sausage is made, it’s definitely Amanda Bynes. It would be more than little meta to have to weigh in on pop culture news … seeing as how she herself has been pop culture news. Honestly … we’re into it. Finally, plenty of celebrities go through an extremely rough patch and rebound with another project: Charlie Sheen is starring on FX’s Anger Management, while Lindsay Lohan‘s wig game in Liz & Dick is, from all appearances, applause-worthy. We all want to see Amanda Bynes working on a project that makes her happy. If that also means she’ll be buying peanut M&Ms out the same vending machine as us, we are more than OKwith that.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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