Kate Upton Busts Out The Lingerie, Questionably Refers To Herself As A “Tomboy” In Cosmo


Kate Upton Poses For Cosmo

Hmmmm. Kate Upton might be a lot of things (model, SNL guest, friend of Terry Richardson despite all logic and reason), but never in a million years would we have used the moniker “tomboy” when describing her. “I’m a little bit of a mix – a girlie girl and a tomboy. When I’m in a city, I’m girlie. But when I’m around a barn, I turn into a tomboy,” the Sports Illustrated model allegedly claims in her upcoming Cosmo interview. Kate…come on now. Did we not just see yourself rolling around in a pink puppy picnic cloud in that Bruce Weber fashion vid last month? With the unicorn boyfriend and baby goats and so on? Any tomboy worth her weight in slingshots would have lost her lunch over the taffeta alone. Jo from Little Women would have cut her hair off all over again just thinking about it!

Or possibly when thinking about the words “lingerie shoot,” which Kate also gets into for the new issue, or discussing her dating life. What would Pippi Longstocking do, girl? “My worst first date? I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus,” Upton laughs in her behind-the-scenes interview. Okay, that’s a pretty classy move on her part. Ohhh, can we go with calling Kate ‘classy’ instead? The short-haired, overall-wearing tomboy inside all of us can get behind that.

[Photo: Cosmopolitan]

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