Lady Gaga Almost Loses Consciousness Over How Good She Looks In That Versace Safety Pin Dress


Lady Gaga Wears Elizabeth Hurley Versace Safety Pin Dress

Are we wrong in thinking that everyone on the planet knows about the Versace safety pin dress Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994? Maybe everyone in the entire galaxy? We know literally nothing about fashion other than certain things are pretty and/or shiny, but even we remember how the fashion world’s collective head exploded when Liz rolled up to the Four Wedding and A Funeral premiere rocking those pins. All of which explains why Lady Gaga looked like she was slipping into an ecstasy coma while wearing the iconic gown in Milan today. We feel you, girl! If we saw ourselves in Versace…well, there’s a reason we paid good money for this fainting couch.

Lady Gaga Wears Elizabeth Hurley Versace Safety Pin Dress

The pinned-together frock is only one of the many gowns Gaga has been wearing while chilling with Donatella Versace this week. She’s also been switching out wigs at a speed that would make RuPaul gasp. Speaking of which, how does RuPaul not pass out and get a concussion every time he sees himself in a store window or puddle? Falling out of 6-inch mules seems like it would guarantee a trip to the E.R.

[Photo: Splash Credit/Getty Images]

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