New Jon Hamm Pants Photos Convince Us Those Other Jon Hamm Photos Weren’t Photoshopped


Jon Hamm In Tight Pants

For a split second, we wondered why Jon Hamm insists on wearing such tight pants if he knows he’s going to have such a strained, overstuffed crotch situation. After we subsequently went into the bathroom, stared in the mirror and slapped ourselves in the face a few times, it dawned on us that maybe all pants are tight in Jon Hamm’s crotchular area. Unless there are special pants with extra-baggy crotches (which we imagine has the Mad Men wardrobe department sewing around the clock, maybe this is just what off-the-rack pants are like for him. And no man can wear sweatpants 24/7.

We guess our larger point is that new photos of Don Draper walking around Boston with Danny McBride bring us to the conclusion that those other photos of Jon Hamm were not photoshopped. You know the ones. If you don’t, here they are! Now that we look at them…we like he might be wearing the exact same pair of pants in the two sets of photos. That would explain a lot. The Superficial has about a dozen more Hamm crotch shots if you still aren’t convinced, and even if those don’t sway you…time well spent.

[Photo: Bauer Griffin]

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