New Girl Fashion Cap “Fluffer”: It’s After Labor Day. Schmidt’s Wearing Whales.


We love that last night’s episode of New Girl revolved around Schmidt’s ridiculously preppy belt. (It also revolved around the adorable sparking chemistry between Jess and Nick, but hey, this is a photo recap.)(Though we will say, squeeeeee!) Donning the above mentioned jaunty pink sea mammal belt, Max Greenfield took a brief fashion journey into the heart of the Republican Party while pretending to be Tuggb Romney, fictional child of Mitt Romney. Clean cut, well-made and totally insane: that’s how we like our Max Greenfield. And our New Girl.

Schmidt: “It’s after Labor Day. I’m wearing whales.”
Nick: “You look like the bad guy in an ’80s high school movie.”
Schmidt: “I’ll have you guys know that Kanye wore this belt!…It lit up his whole midsection.”

Nick (talking to a bowl of peanuts): “‘Would you like to eat me?’ ‘What do you mean? Aren’t you a little small?’ ‘What, are you nuts?’ Haha! (starts weeping) Oh god, what happened? Why am I doing this?”

Jess: “I don’t want to kiss and tell, but I did ruin my dresser during intercourse.”

Sam: “I can’t pleasure a woman and build a dresser at the same time. I’m not God.”

Jess: “Maybe I should just stop trying with Sam. I’m old-fashioned below the waist. I have a Civil War-era piece of equipment, and that’s all she wrote.”

Schmidt: “The only thing I know in this world…is that this belt is amazing.”

[Photo: Fox]

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