The Lone Ranger Trailer Doesn’t Have Nearly Enough Armie Hammer


They don’t call ‘em “teaser trailers” for nothing. The first preview (other than what was shown at Comic-Con) of Disney’s The Lone Ranger premiered on The Tonight Show last night, and it’s already got all sorts of critics debating the movie’s merits and flaws, despite only running for 1:37 minutes. Some are debating whether Johnny Depp’s appropriation of the 1950s TV show’s stereotypical Indian speak is racist. Some seem relieved that despite the fact that the movie is a re-teaming of Depp and his Pirates/Rango director Gore Verbinski, it’s got a serious tone reminiscent of a Christopher Nolan film. Others are calling it “an episode of Hell on Wheels with an unusually large budget.”

But you want to know our chief complaint? There are so many sexy scenes of trains, the Wild West, horses, old-timey prostitutes and rich dudes, but only the briefest of glimpses at Armie Hammer (you know, the guy whose character is the name of the movie) in a mask or grimacing and not uttering a single word. What gives, guys?

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger

Anyway, we still think it looks cool. And we’re holding out hope that we’ll see at least one shirtless Armie pic between now and June 2013.

[Photo: Walt Disney Pictures]

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