A Twilight Fan Analyzes The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Soundtrack Song List


I was excited to write up my reactions to the just released Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack listing, because I truly love the previous soundtracks from the franchise and think Music Supervisor Alex Patsavas always does a killer job cultivating tracks that suit each film’s mood. However, I know that my deep entrenchment in the Twilight fandom might make my opinion a little biased. Yes, I drink out of a giant Twilight cup and can identify every pair of Kristen Stewart‘s sneakers out of a shoe lineup, so my thoughts are certainly tainted by years of Twi-obsession. So take these silly, quick comments with a couple grains of salt, okay? They’re my unedited, unresearched, immediate reactions. Besides, we all know this soundtrack could be made up solely of songs by The Wiggles and I’d still love it.

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit

  • I thought their last album was a dud, but I like these guys and imagine this song will be fun for a shot of a lighthearted giggle shared between Edward and Bella or a wide-shot of the Volvo cruising along those curvaceous roads that apparently curl through Forks like a cement river.

2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding

  • Her voice is wonderful and haunting, but I’m a bit less enthused knowing it’s produced by her boyfriend, Skrillex. I expect some serious “womp, womp, wub, dub” happening in the middle, and can really only imagine a ridiculous wolf pack transformation taking place over dubstep. Just feels so jort-y, ya know?

3. The Forgotten — Green Day

  • I guess this is who we get in place of Muse? Snooze.

4. Fire In The Water — Feist

  • I am anxiously awaiting her new album, and am giddy with excitement for some sweet, delicate Feist-iness. Oh god, what if this is played over the end scene (the one that’s supposed to shock/surprise all us fans?) and it makes me cry? I can only hope.

5. Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits

  • I don’t know who The Boom Circuits are. Should I? Just gave a listen to their EP and it’s spooky but upbeat. Let’s go cougar hunting to this jam. Or better yet, let’s bone in a tiny house deep in the woods as this plays. Either one.

6. The Antidote — St. Vincent

7. Speak Up — POP ETC

  • Um, I don’t know who these people are. From what I’m hearing on Spotify it sounds like they could really write some good “we’re running awkwardly through the snow to fight a battle” jams. Jacob will probably also rip off his shirt as this song plays. Lord, this music also makes me think of tender vamp sex. Someone help me.

8. Heart of Stone — Iko

  • Don’t know this person either. Yikes, I listen to too much Top 40. Anyway, I am now listening to a random track and it’s depressing and emo and perfectly Alex Patsavas, so I am stoked for whatever they drop.

9. Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite

  • Ah, some gentle guitar rock. I imagine an intimate father-daughter scene set to this song. Or maybe this is just a track about wolves covering up their paw prints in the snow.

10. Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow

  • Such pretty music, like a raspy Bon Iver. I am so excited about this song. And I like the sad name – will it be about all the people we’ve lost throughout the saga? I’d be into seeing an In Memorium montage featuring Victoria, James, and Bella’s tiny cactus. (Give it to me, Bill C!) **Jack Morrissey kindly informed me via Twitter that THIS is the original song, which will be re-recorded for the soundtrack. Pretty, eh?

11. All I’ve Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed

  • I am definitely willing to give this song a chance, but I don’t have high expectations judging from Paul and Nikki’s one collaboration as husband and wife, which was twangy and too sappy for my tastes. (“I love you sleeping with your socks on”?!? God, no. Please don’t let cornball lines like that taint this precious soundtrack.) Personally, I think songs written by couples in love should be treated like sex – don’t ever put it on tape! But I do think Nikki has a pretty voice, so I am taking a wait and see (er, hear?) approach to this one.

12. New For You — Reeve Carney

  • This dude has an amazing voice, but I am more intrigued about this listing because he’s rumored to be dating Ashley Greene. Between him and Nikki, this soundtrack is like a Friends and Family edition. The title makes me think it’s about vampire Bella re-meeting everyone after she’s reborn as a bloodsucker. Like, “Hey look, it’s new me! Check out my jodhpur jeans and my sexy eyes and my murdering skills!”

13. A Thousand Years (Part Two) – Christina Perri

  • The music world’s biggest Twi-hard strikes again! Good for her. Christina Perri is one of the nicest gals to interview and she always tolerates my dorky Twilight questions with genuine and sweet answers. And I totally was into “A Thousand Years” (Part 1?).

14. Plus Que Ma Prope Vie — Carter Burwell

  • Awesome. He scores all the Coen Brothers’ movies, which always have amazing musical components.


  • I think (music supervisor) Alex Patsavas always does a great job with these soundtracks and I am genuinely excited to give this one a listen. I am always introduced to a few new artists via Twilight, and she gives a lot of independent artists an outlet on a mega-huge soundtrack, which I think is cool. I know some people are wondering why Rob Pattinson does not have a song on here, but my opinion is that these days, there’s no way he’d want his music to be included on something so public. Right? If anything, I imagine he’ll secretly record some super-indie EP under a pseudonym like Bear McGee and we’ll have no idea the sensitive, romantic tracks we’re jamming too via Pitchfork’s uber-positive review are actually from our beloved RP. That’s my dream, anyway.

More importantly….what do YOU think of the song list?!

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