Suspicious Package Of White Powder Sent To Scare Bristol Palin Off DWTSAgain


No, you haven’t woken up back in 2010, Groundhog Day-style. Your deja vu is more than just deja vu! The suspicious package of white powder sent to CBS yesterday was not only intended to scare Dancing With The Stars star Bristol Palin, it was also the second package of white powder send for that exact purpose. The first threatening parcel was sent to frighten the reality star during her first appearance on the show two years ago. “This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show],” a note attached to the most recent package declared. Well, consider us mind-boggled. We can barely get out of the house to buy stamps when we need them. How did two different people (or who knows? The same person multiple times?) think it reasonable to buy powder, drive to the post office and mail a threatening package to anyone, let alone Bristol Palin? It’s like we’re always screaming at our mom: people care about DWTS too much!

Fortunately for Sarah Palin‘s daughter, TMZ reports that the powder found on the package was harmless; authorities are currently “investigating the situation.” So, what’s sadder: if the most recent package was sent by the same person, or if it was sent by someone else? Haha, it’s a trick question! The answer is both! Hey, we just hope it wasn’t the guy who shot his TV in reaction to Bristol’s dance routine…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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