Police Rush To Ashton Kutcher’s House Because Of “Home Invasion,” But It’s A Prank!


Ashton Kutcher "Home Invasion" Just A Prank

There was a huge commotion outside Ashton Kutcher‘s L.A. home yesterday. TMZ informed us that the L.A.P.D received a very worrying phone call from a woman claiming that there were Russian men at Ashton’s house, robbing stuff from it as she was speaking. She said Ashton wasn’t home, and she had locked herself into one of the bathrooms to hide. Sources claimed that the police, who rushed to the scene (in helicopters too, natch), found the whole thing to be a misunderstanding and that the “woman” was nowhere to be found. Three men were, allegedly, questioned but as it turns out, they were probably just workers at the property. Was this a joke of some weird sort? What the hell was going on? We wanted truth, not allegations!

The police have now confirmed that a call was not made to them, but the whole Russians-in-the-house palaver was conveyed through a teletext. The police rep also stated that the message was, in all likelihood, a hoax. Sources now tell TMZ that they’re trying to track down the pranksters. There were three people in the house but no one is a suspect. Crisis averted. But if the cops find whoever is responsible, then there’s going to be hell to pay!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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