Which Pitch Perfect Star Got “All Aguilera”? Anna Kendrick And Brittany Snow Tell All!


Make no mistake, the appeal of Pitch Perfect is mostly in its funny moments — Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Adam Devine and others had us clutching our sides — but what makes it a great movie, rather than a collection of jokes, is the fact that the actors playing these college a cappella singers are actually really talented. When VH1 News’ Kate Spencer sat down with Anna Kendrick, who got her start as a kid on Broadway, and Brittany Snow, whose part in Hairspray showed off her singing gift too, she asked if they were nervous to sing for each other when shooting began.

“We bonded really quickly so I think that we weren’t nervous,” Snow said. “I think its just a nerve-wracking thing to sing in a movie in general.”

Kendrick admitted to feeling some pressure, though. “I remember being nervous to get my harmonies right,” she said. “I didn’t want to be the one who was like, ”Uh, Anna’s screwing us up again, thanks!’ … ‘Cause if my note’s wrong, your note’s gonna sound wrong. … Everybody has to be on it, and you have to be that piece of the puzzle, so I definitely felt pressure to learn my music. It wasn’t like we were getting all Aguliera on each other.

“Well, she got a little Aguilera on us,” she added, indicating Brittany, who copped to doing her best Voice judging. “She was like, ‘I would not spin my chair around for that, Anna.’ ”

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect

This kind of teasing in our interview made us think the actors made fast friends on the set, which Anna quickly denied. “We had our personal assistants talk.”

But in all seriousness, Brittany said it was “weird” how easily they all bonded. “It was one of those movies that I think everyone instantly liked each other, which sometimes it takes a long time for people to get each other,” she said. “And we kept thinking somebody in the cast was going to be the person that we didn’t gel with. And it just didn’t happen. We all really bonded instantly, and I think it just was due to being in rehearsals and working together and having to sing and dance, which is not something you can do independently.”

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