Lady Gaga Poses Topless With Donatella Versace, And Yeah, Terry Richardson’s Involved


Lady Gaga Poses Topless With Donatella Versace

So, remember when we posted about Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace hanging out together in Milan earlier this week? You know, when Gaga was inspired enough to take on the infamous Versace safety-pin dress, which Elizabeth Hurley wore back in the day. We had mentioned that Terry Richardson was around, but tried not to give him too much wordage, because … he’s Terry Richardson and we find him skeezy. But Gaga and Terry are close. Close enough for Gaga to shave off half her hair in some sort of tribute to Terry’s mother passing away. He’s also followed her around on tour taking photographs, most recently of her bringing back the meat dress in Japan. He’s even photographed previews of Gaga’s concert costumes. But, we digress. We thought that dinner between Mother Monster and Mother Versace was going to be glamorous and fun, in a way most dinners between OTT celebrities are. But somehow, and we think it’s because of Terry’s presence, some form of random nudity had to creep in. There’s a whole bunch of pictures of the two stars up on his website, but visit Terry’s Diary at your own risk if you’re at work, because of that rather NSFW photograph you see above. It’s Gaga hiding her breasts — with a just a hint of nipple of course — and the caption reads, “Donatella and Lady Gaga in one of Gianni’s bathrooms.” Why was she topless in a loo? We have no idea. But it’s not the first time Terry has photographed Gaga topless. Well, semi-topless. Their photo-shoot ended with the picture you see below, of Gaga sucking on Donatella’s thumb, with Terry look delighted and sucking his own thumb. Just your regular dinner, right? Yeesh.

Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace, Terry Richardson

[Photos via Terry’s Diary]

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Lady Gaga And Donatella Versace Put Their Paws Up Together In Milan

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