Why Christina Hendricks Had A Right To Be Offended By This “Full-Figured” Interview


So, the Sydney Morning Herald has done its best to paint an awkward exchange with Christina Hendricks as being all about her objection to the term “full-figured.” That’s even the title of their article, “Just don’t call her full-figured.” But after seeing the video of fashion editor Kate Waterhouse’s sitdown with the Mad Men bombshell, we don’t think that body issues were the only thing irking her. From the first question, it’s an all-around terrible interview. In case you don’t want to sit through all four squirm-inducing minutes of it, here are the highlights.

1. Waterhouse asks “Why first time?” about Hendricks’ first visit to Australia. Her answer is basically “because it’s really far away.” What else was she going to say? That she objects to koalas?

2. Christina was in Sydney for an event that’s all about people wearing glasses. “This is the first time I’ve seen you in glasses,” Waterhouse says. “I Googled and I couldn’t see any on the red carpets.” Awesome research! Also, this indicates that Waterhouse has never watched Mad Men, because Joan wears glasses all the time on the show.

Christina Hendrick

3. “What is it like being part of Mad Men?” I can’t even.

4. Finally she gets into the much publicized question: “You have been an inspiration as a full-figured woman. What is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you’ve inspired someone?”

Any objections to terminology aside, we can’t begin to imagine how an actress can come up with an inspiring story where they’ve inspired someone without sounding like a total D-bag. But yes, Hendricks apparently said off camera that she found the term insulting. Apparently Waterhouse didn’t hear her, because she starts again with, “You’ve been known as an inspiration for women, as being a full figure, what is the most …,” before the actress interrupts her and her publicist puts a kibosh on any more body questions.

We feel for Christina. If you’ve ever watched a single episode of Mad Men, you know she’s a whole lot more than T&A. And yet that’s all people want to ask her about. Here’s a tip, reporters, how about you ask whether she can relate to her character, whose brains and business sense are constant undermined by the ad men who just want to use her body as sexy bait for their pig clients? Hmm. Never mind. That probably wouldn’t go over too well either.

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