Bourne This Way: Matt Damon’s 20 Hottest Action Hero Looks For His 42nd Birthday


Matt Damon's 20 hottest action hero looks

Being from Boston, we were always very proud of Matt Damon. Sure, it was pretty cool when he won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting at the ridiculously young age of 28 along side fellow Boston bud Ben Affleck. But to be honest, we just never thought we’d see an action hero who spoke with that accent. You know, dropping the “R’s” left and right. OK we had Mark Wahlberg. But let’s be real, for a while he just couldn’t compare. His street cred took a hit after those underwear ads. Yet from the moment we saw Matt pack heat in Saving Private Ryan, Boston had a new hometown hero. Need more reasons? There are so many to choose from! Of course there’s the Bourne series and the Ocean’s 11, but there’s also The Departed, The Adjustment Bureau and Syriana. Hell, even Dogma kicked so much ass that it made us forget all about Stuck On You…after a while, at least. And he’s better than ever and still going strong, having just wrapped filming on the sci-fi thriller Elysium. Would you believe that the bay-state badass is turning 42 today! How ’bout them apples? Head down to the gallery below to check out his 20 best action star looks!

[Photo: Warner Brothers/Universal/Dream Works]

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