Christina Hendricks Reveals Ryan Gosling To Be Horrible Monster. JK! She Confirms He’s “Amazing.”


Christina Hendricks Confirms Ryan Gosling Is Amazing

We’re finally starting to trust our instinctual belief that Ryan Gosling is actually a decent human being. If he wasn’t, wouldn’t we have heard some rumor about him being a cruel, arrogant jerk by now? Or at least kind of a dbag? Or that he’s always getting “massages” or some horrible thing like that? Christina Hendricks (who we just realized we trust because she seems like a decent human being) is confirming our suspicions by hyping her Drive costar hard, telling NW Online, “He’s everything you want him to be! He’s amazing, yeah. He’s very polite, he’s very lovely.” Now, are we maybe trying to rationalize our desire to smooch Ryan’s perfectly symmetrical face by convincing ourselves that he has a great personality in addition to being beautiful? Sure, it’s possible! It’s very, very possible!

Of course, Christina might be even more Team Gosling than usual now that Ryan cast her in his directorial debut How to Catch a Monster. “My manager called and said, ‘Ryan Gosling wants to call you, is it ok if I give him your number?’ And I was like, ‘YES! Yes, of course it’s OK!,'” Hendricks enthuses. Despite her Gosling love, the Mad Men star wouldn’t throw husband Geoffrey Arend under the bus any time soon. “Absolutely not!” she laughed at the suggestion she and Ryan might one day get together. “I find [Gosling] incredibly talented and incredibly charming, but that thought never occurred to me!” Aw, Christina Hendricks is a good person! Plus Eva Mendes would almost certainly murder her if she tried!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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