Lady Gaga’s Visit With Julian Assange: Just Her Latest Effort To Keep Us Guessing


Lady Gaga and Julian Assange

We admit it, we have no idea whether or not to side with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — on the one hand, he is a renegade fighter for free speech; on the other, he’s released a lot of documents that some say have compromised national security; on the other, other hand, he’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition on rape and assault charges. But interestingly, the Australian hacker now has a couple of high-profile supporters: M.I.A. and Lady Gaga, Atlantic Wire points out. The former tweeted at Gaga on Sunday:

MIA tweets Gaga

And apparently, Gaga took her up on the invitation, donning a very witchy getup and snapping the above photo with Assange. It’s interesting to see the Mother Monster take a stand on something like this, straying from her usual messages about bullying and gay rights. But you may recall she has an indirect connection to WikiLeaks — U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning reportedly used CD-Rs labeled “Lady Gaga” to download the classified diplomatic cables he handed over to the site.


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