Lindsay And Dina Lohan Fight Results In 911 Call


Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

We’re really wondering when Lindsay Lohan will realize that her nights out clubbing almost ALWAYS end in disaster. This time, according to TMZ, she was out at the Electric Room in Dream Hotel with mama Dina Lohan, and somewhere during their drive home to Dina’s house early this morning, the two fought viciously. According to TMZ’s source, by the time they arrived at their destination, the scuffle escalated to the point where Lindsay suffered a cut on her leg and a broken bracelet. Someone called 911 about the domestic dispute, apparently saying that Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina and the driver, and cops arrived on the scene. Officials told the site that a domestic incident report was made, but no arrests were made.

Apparently, this isn’t the first fight Lindsay’s gotten into with someone close to her this week. The New York Post reports that Lohan was at Catch Roof club in Manhattan on Monday night when she spotted friend Gavin Doyle wearing a scarf that LiLo mistook for one she gave to ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. She reportedly tightened the scarf around Gavin’s neck and yelled at him until security arrived.

And this is all just a week after that supposed scuffle with Christian LaBella in her hotel room. We’re going to offer friends and family of Lindsay a little advice: If she invites you out to a club, maybe suggest an alternate plan for, say, brunch.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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