New Girl Fashion Cap “Neighbors”: Schmidt Tries To Start An Arcade Fire Via Ironic T


New Girl Fashion Recap Neighbors

Are we right in thinking that New Girl just keeps getting better and better every week? Last night’s episode “Neighbors” introduced Jess and the gang to the new, marginally younger crowd that moved into the building: Chaz, Fife, Sutton and Brory. It wasn’t until we saw the new neighbor’s half-shirts and florescent sweatshirts that we realized how good Schmidt, Winston and Jess typically dress. (Nick doesn’t count; he’s a 30-year-old 90-year-old.) Did the new neighbors’ young people fashion looks seem dead-on to you, or did they make you roll your eyes in contempt for the New Girl wardrobe department? Were you rolling your eyes while wearing headphones and a handmade feather clip? Are you one of them?

Schmidt: “They’re the future of humanity! A pan-ethnic, pansexual hive mind, and they want nothing to do with me!”

Nothing inspires terror in an old person’s heart more than an unpredictable combination of fedoras, chambray, neon and unwashed hair. On the other hand, the neighbors’ outfits kind of looked like they filmed an episode of Girls in an Urban Outfitters, during which the Urban Outfitters exploded. So…pretty accurate, right?

Chaz: “Who’s Steve Urk…lee?”


Chaz: “We don’t care if you stole your catchphrase from some low-budget Web series.”

We can get on board with their gradated plastic frames and their cut-off mom jeans. We can get on board with the polyamory. But is there a human alive who hasn’t heard of Family Matters? Can that possible be true? Well, why don’t we just get in a coffin right now, then?

New Girl Fashion Recap Neighbors

Jess: “It’s a different world over there. A world where it’s okay to only have a part-time job. A world where it’s okay that I’m still finding myself. A world where I have not one, but two catchphrases. (“Did I do that?” and “How rude!”) They think I made those up!”

We think the neighbors actually accepted Jess because of the adorable tortoise shell buttons on her sweater. Those buttons transcend age! And kind of look like tiny delicious candies!

New Girl Fashion Recap Neighbors

Jess: “You way overshot it!
Schmidt: “I’m being ironic.”
Jess: “That’s not ironic. That’s just a bad pun. What are we doing here? Your arms are hot but your neck is cold?”

You children might not remember the ironic T-shirt craze of the mid-2000s, but we think Schmidt’s scarf and Toms are items that someone might wear today. Right? Are we right? Oh god! We’re so old, we’re like living mummies!

New Girl Fashion Recap Neighbors

Jess: “My life sucks so much right now, but at least I’m not 23. At least I own a trash can. At least I can legally rent a car. At least I don’t live in a loft with three other…oh.”

On a semi-related fashion note, did anyone else find Jess’s Casserole Shanty uniform to be preternaturally darling? Especially for a fast food uniform? That khaki skirt was pretty snazzy to just slop bean casserole on it all day.

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