Robert Pattinson And The “Mystery Blonde”: This Is Giving Us Flashbacks


Robert Pattinson and unidentified woman in bar in NYC

Of course, the gossips are abuzz with stories about Robert Pattinson being photographed “deep in conversation” with a mysterious blond woman at Electric Room in Dream Hotel in NYC on Saturday night. (Weird side note: This is the same bar where Lindsay and Dina Lohan went last night before their big blowout.) Actually, it’s a source for photo agency Splash News that says, “Robert only had eyes for the girl.” Sources talking to Us Weekly, meanwhile, seemed to think he was just talking to her and was totally just hanging out with a group of friends, including Tom Sturridge, Sienna Miller and Michelle Trachtenberg. (Some fans have suggested that the woman is Sienna’s sister, Savannah.) We’ve never been to Electric Room, but we imagine that like any other bar on a Saturday night, you have to lean in very close to anyone to be heard. And once we start thinking about that, we are reminded of our own Kate Spencer’s reaction the last time Rob was said to be getting intimately close to a lady at a bar. Here’s part of her “soapbox” rant from last December:

I was pretty psyched to hear that Rob Pattinson was at La Poubelle on Saturday, because I hang out there sometimes too, and it always feels good to have your nightlife choices validated by celebrities who are much richer and more attractive than you. La Poubelle is right next to the UCB Theatre where I’m a performer, and sometimes my friends and I go there to get drinks and dinner after our shows. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was there with a bunch of my guy friends. We had to stand close together because the bar was packed, so sometimes our bodies touched. When I wanted to tell my friend Joe something, like about how delicious the sliders were, I had to lean in and put my face right next to his ear because it gets loud in there. … But somehow, when poor Rob does the same exact thing, some fans, celebrity sites and tabloids take a meaningless, fun night out and turn it into the cheating scandal of the century. I’m all for enjoying the world of celebrity, but speculating about things so far as you are essentially writing fiction about another person’s life is not cool. At all. Neither is exaggerating the circumstances to the point where a friend is suddenly “his mystery woman!” or insinuating that Rob is cheating just to grab some page views.

You know what’s weirder than a guy having platonic girl friends? A guy with NO platonic girl friends. What are we, 7 years old?

Robert Pattinson and woman in bar in NYC
So, what do you guys think? Has the whole Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders thing made you more susceptible to this kind of rumor, or more protective of Rob? Sound off in the comments!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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