Arrow Premiere Leaves Us With 10 Burning Questions


Admittedly, my biggest question while watching the premiere of Arrow last night was: Why do they keep making Stephen Amell wear shirts? But we assume that mystery will never be fully resolved, so instead, we turn to the kinds of questions that the CW’s newest superhero series might actually answer. Or maybe, those of you who aren’t stereotypical girly girls like myself and have actually read the Green Arrow comics already know the answers and can fill us in — assuming the show sticks to the source material. Here goes:

1. Will we ever be free of the show’s terrible voiceover? Seriously, it only reiterates the things we can already gather just by watching the show, and it’s SO AWKWARD. Crossing fingers that was just a pilot thing.

2. Did Oliver’s dad know they were going to wreck on this island? It sure seemed like they had that emergency raft ready pretty quickly — especially given how fast the water sucked up Sarah. And if they were expecting it, why didn’t they pack more water?

Stephen Amell

3. What kind of technological amenities did this island have? Somehow, Oliver learned how to forge his own arrow heads and rig special gadgets that could empty bank accounts, but he couldn’t shave, change his clothing or get a haircut? (Bonus question: Can they get better wigs for the island scenes?)

4. Why did Oliver’s father shoot himself in the head? Seems kinda risky to use guns on an inflatable raft, no? And what if they were closer to the island than he’d estimated?

5. Can people really not recognize Oliver when he’s wearing a hoodie and mask makeup? I’ve met Stephen Amell once, and I’m pretty sure I’d recognize him just by his perfectly sculpted nose and jawline. This is like Clark Kent and the glasses, isn’t it?

6. Where did he learn that neat trick with the tennis balls?

7. Why is Oliver pushing Laurel away? How long will she be able to resist those abs?

8. How much does Tommy know about Oliver’s secret?

9. What’s the deal with Oliver’s shady mom? Is that bodyguard she hired a bad guy too? And her hot new husband from Prime Suspect 2?

10. Who else is in that secret book? What’s their connection to each other?

[Photos: CW]

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