Lindsay Lohan Leaves Behind Mom, Dad Problems, Dyes Hair, Parties And Promotes Mitt Romney!


Lindsay Lohan Leaves Family Drama Behind, Goes For Launch Bash

Oh, Lindsay Lohan. Your mantra is, in the words of Diddy and Mase, “Can’t nobody hold me down …” If you’ve been reading the site over the last week, you’d know that Lindsay and her mom, Dina Lohan, had a big blow out which resulted in a 911 call and all sorts of nasty business. That included Lindsay calling her dad, Michael Lohan, alleging that Dina was doing cocaine and was getting increasingly violent! Michael, of course, ending up leaking the phone call. Any surprises there from this dysfunctional lot? No, right? Lindz has now done a complete about-turn, and has admitted she lied about her mom doing coke, and that Michael “doesn’t know what it means to be a father. He doesn’t want to be a dad.” No surprises there, either. Just another week in the Lohan household. By now, we also know how quickly they rise out of the train wrecks of their lives. Anyone would lay low and wait for this tornado to subside, but not Lindsay. She emerged last night with newly-dyed red, hair in a sparkly ’60’s style mini-dress (which we kind of really like) at the Mr. Pink Ginseng drink launch party in Beverly Hills. Of course there’s time to party when your family is falling apart — falling apart again, we mean. What’s the lesson here? That it’s always good to have a vitamin drink handy? Yeesh. But Lindsay also went a step in a completely different direction and revealed her political affiliations. We know, it’s a whole new person. Much like Stacey Dash, Li.Lo is for Mitt Romney, telling E!, “I just think employment is really important right now, So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now.” We’re just going to add her to the list of celebrities who should never, ever endorse anyone.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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