Taryn Manning Arrested For Assault – What Is With Celebs And The Dream Hotel?


Taryn Manning was arrested for assaulting her makeup artist

We’re sure there are very nice people who go to the Dream Downtown Hotel and who do not then get arrested or have their photos plastered across gossip sites for otherwise undesirable reasons. But also, we’re starting to believe that we should relocate VH1 Celebrity’s headquarters to the downtown NYC hotel, just to eliminate the middle man. Taryn Manning — star of 8 Mile, Hawaii Five-O, Crossroads, and/or Hustle & Flow, depending on your demographic — was arrested in her room at the Dream last night after being accused of punching and kicking her makeup artist, according to TMZ.

In case you’ve been in a cave for the past three weeks, here’s a little recap of what’s gone down at Dream and its nightclub, Electric Room: Lindsay Lohan was accused of a hit and run; Robert Pattinson sat next to a person of the opposite sex and talked to her; and Lindsay and Dina partied and began the fight that ended in a 911 call. But on the bright side, Scarlett Johansson went there on Wednesday night, dressed down so that she was barely recognizable, and hung out with some friends, including Sam Rockwell. But then someone went and told the New York Post that it looked like she was “flirting” with LiLo’s friend, Domingo Zapata. Excuse us, while we go see about their lobby’s WiFi strength.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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