First Rihanna, Now Ashley Greene Laments The Difficulty Of Finding A Boyfriend?


Ashley Greene Covers Marie Claire Cover

It turns out that perfect skin, razor-sharp cheekbones and an amazing wardrobe does not guarantee that you will find a boyfriend. But…but…but that’s what all the magazines have been saying! What are we going to spend our money on now? We also would have though a burgeoning film career would help us suss out a significant other, but, as Ashley Greene points out, being a busy actress does not a healthy relationship make. “I’m always here and there – everyone in my industry is,” the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 actress admits to Marie Claire. “[A]nd that’s why a lot of relationships are fleeting.”

Defying our understanding of reality, Ashley is only the second famous lady to complain about her love life today; Rihanna shared a similar plight in her Vogue interview just this morning. Muses Greene, “I’ve gotten very good at detaching whenever I have to go away for three months, which I realize is hard on friends and kind of selfish. You go on a couple of dates, and then someone ships off to do a movie. It’s not like you’re going to fly out and see them, because it’s not serious enough for that.” Okay, but isn’t the entire point of being rich and famous that you can do insane things like fly all over the world and buy a house next to your boyfriend’s grandma? Taylor Swift, you know what we’re talking about!

[Photo: Marie Claire]

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