Kim Kardashian Almost Busts Out Of Her Top Twice, Makes Cardinal Sin Of Repeating An Outfit


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Dinner In Miami, Kim Halloween Outfit

Oh, Kim Kardashian. How is it that your boyfriend, the self-proclaimed couture superstar, Kanye West, signed off on that outfit? We’re talking about the bondage-inspired bustier top on the right, worn on a night out Prime 112 Steakhouse in Miami Beach. Firstly, it defies the law of gravity, because how the hell is that thing keeping her contained? Secondly, we’re wondering how her wardrobe marshal, Kanye let her out of the house because that top has made its very flimsy appearance once before. Repeating an outfit. Gasp! Kim wore it to the DuJour Magazine launch party in New York a month ago. And if it’s, by some odd chance, not the same top, then Kim has way too much weird clothing in her closet. It looks similar, but you never know, right? But if Kanye has figured out that she repeated an outfit, Kim’s already figured out a way to mollify him. It’s her choice of Halloween outfit, and there’s no other way to describe that thing other than eye-popping. The photograph on the left, but you knew that already. Kim was kind (and exhibitionist) enough to share it with the whole world because there’s no such thing as “boundaries” to a Kardashian. Her enlightening tweet read, “Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping.” Ten bucks says she’s fall out of that top an hour into wearing it.

[Photos: Twitter/ Getty Images]

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