Lady Gaga, New SoulCycle Fan, Should Enlist These Other Celeb Spinners For Her Charity Ride


Lady Gaga attended two spin classes in NYC over the weekend

Ten years ago, if you wanted to spot a famous actor or musician in their natural habitat, your best bet was to take a class at Manhattan’s Jivamukti yoga studio. These days, the paparazzi are regularly stationed outside all the hot spin class studios in New York and L.A., ready to catch everyone from Katie Holmes to Maria Shriver sweaty and glowing after a tough ride. And now we can add Lady Gaga to the list of famous folks who are toning their legs while imagining themselves in a climate-controlled Tour de France. Impressively, Gaga took two classes in a row at the SoulCycle in Union Square, one witness told the New York Daily News. She looked slim, despite her recent claims that she’d gained 25 lbs. and was wearing hoop earrings and full makeup. She barely broke a sweat after the first class, and in the second, she was “hooting and whipping her towel around” when the instructor played “Born This Way.” Last week, Gaga tweeted that she’ll be working with SoulCycle to create a “Ride for Compassion” to promote her latest Born This Way Foundation effort, the Body Revolution.

We think Gaga could raise a lot more money for this Revolution of hers if she enlisted the help of these amazing spinners:

  • Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO collaborated on the very motivating spin song below in July — maybe they’d consider reuniting for a live performance?

  • Amanda Bynes, who put on a bit of performance art during her Equinox spin class last month, has relocated to New York now. She said she’s not acting anymore, so that should leave plenty of time for this kind of charity effort!
  • And of course, New Girl’s Schmidt (a.k.a. Max Greenfield) would make an excellent instructor for the ride, as he was last spring at another fundraiser.
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