The Full Brad Pitt Chanel Commercial Makes Up For Its Teaser Video Lameness


How we railed at the Brad Pitt’s fiasco of a teaser video for Chanel. It wasn’t his fault. We wanted to see more of him and all Chanel gave us was seven seconds of his voice. We may have muttered some French swear words under our breath. As you know by now, Brad is the face of the brand’s iconic Chanel No. 5. fragrance, becoming the only man ever to shill a women’s perfume in Chanel’s storied history. And what a face it is, right? So for a teaser video to not tease us with Brad, was an act of transgression. Fortunately, they’ve righted that wrong with the full video, which you can see above. Is the commercial borderline cheesy? No. Because it’s wholly cheesy. Is Brad looking older? Why yes, he is. We ask these questions, because we were reading comments made by his detractors under the video in the link. Brad’s 48-years-old. He’s going to have some lines on his handsome face, and grey hair. That’s what happens with age and when you don’t go with the Fountain of Youth cosmetic surgery route. And about the level of cheese here? Whatever. The second Brad starts musing, “It’s not a journey. A journey ends, we go on …” we’re sold hook, line and sinker. And when he concludes with, “Wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune … Chanel No. 5. Inevitable,” we actually found ourselves jealous of a bottle of perfume.

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