Chloe Moretz Gives Us Nightmares In New Carrie Trailer


We have to wait until March 15th to see Kimberly Peirce’s remake of  Carrie in it’s full gory glory, but the nightmares will begin as soon as you watch this brand new trailer! Chloe Moretz’s stars as Stephen King’s epically angst-y teen, who sets her town on ablaze with her telekinetic powers after years of abuse at the hands of her classmates. Think “satanic Matilda” and you’ll pretty much have it! Julianne Moore also makes a turn as Carrie’s religious fanatic mother, arguably her scariest role since that time she played Sarah Palin.

Chloe recently tweeted onset photos, and her resemblance to Sissy Spacek in the original is pretty insane. Of course, all that blood definitely helps. The 15-year-old actress discussed her day on set filming the iconic school dance scene. We had the wet blood, and the fire blood, and the dry blood, and all the different types of blood. The people at the front desk were all, ‘Wow, she must have had a really hard day at work.'” Fans of Brian De Palma’s 1976 classic will not be disappointed! Sadly the flick won’t be out in time for this Halloween, but on the upside it’ll be out just in time for prom season…

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