Tom Hardy Moonlights As Tattoo Artist: Further Proof He Should Be Christian Grey


I am hurt that even though I was the first to make the connection last week that the hiring of Kelly Marcel to write the Fifty Shades of Grey screenplay means good things for my long-held hope for her pal Tom Hardy to be cast as Christian Grey, I have not yet received a job offer to be the movie’s casting director. Well, thanks to the Tumblr Exploring Tom Hardy, tattoo artist Danny Inked Norris and the Facebook page of the Richmond Tattoo Studio in Richmond Upon Thames, England, I feel one step closer to proving my point.

Tom Hardy tattooing

Hear me out, you who are not yet converted. Christian Grey, BDSM master, is a man of many talents. He can play the piano, fly his own helicopter, fly-fish, tie LOTS of knots. Tom Hardy is also multi-talented. He can model, rap, act, and … tattoo! I’ve been watching Ink Masters a lot lately, and not just because I like to stare at Dave Navarro, but also because it is fascinating to watch the art of tattooing in action. The stakes are so high! Your “canvas” has to live with any wrong move you make! So even though the above video does not show the finished results of Tom’s needlework, the fact that someone let him do it in the first place is immensely impressive. And guess what — the above photo and the above video are of two different men, so more than one guy trusts him to mark them permanently.

What we’re saying is, that’s about as cool as knowing how to fly your own glider or helicopter, so he should definitely get this gig. The only obstacle we foresee is that Christian would never allow a tattoo artist near his chest, so the makeup department is going to have to work hard to cover up these guys:

Tom Hardy's tattoos

[Photos: Danny Inked Norris and Richmond Tattoo Studio Facebook]

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