We Can Name At Least 6 More Rabid Groups To Add To Vulture’s 25 Most Dedicated Fan Bases List


8 More Rabid Fan Bases

Vulture released it’s 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases list today, and you know we immediately clicked through to make sure they had Twihards on there. Of course they did, as well as Mad Men, Harry Potter and a host of other pop culture entities that turn fans into drooling, trembling puddles of love. We couldn’t help but notice that there were some obvious exclusions however, so we went ahead and hyped the fan bases who we think are more than rabid enough to make the list.

Chris Brown: Love him, hate him, love hating him: however you feel about Chris Brown, there is no denying that his fans are some of the most rabid devotees in the game. Over 11,430,000 Twitter followers; over 24,975,000 Facebook likes and two #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 (“Run It!” and “Kiss, Kiss”) should tell you how popular he is.

Why the fans are really rabid: It doesn’t hurt that Mom Breezy is constantly hyping her son on Twitter.

Supernatural: Start to Google Supernatural and the fourth search option is “Supernatural fans are crazy.” The Internet never lies! Fans of the CW show have demanded the People’s Choice Awards apologize for a perceived snub, cultivated a large library of eyebrow-raising fan fiction (Wincest? Guys, come on) and are generally on the verge of taking it to the streets whenever they feel their beloved show about the supernatural beast-fighting Winchester brothers is slighted. Seeing as how it’s survived several seasons of rocky ratings, it’s not a stretch to say that fan love has played a roll in keeping this bad boy rolling. Man…we should probably start watching it, right?

Why the fans are really rabid: Oh god…it’s the Wincest, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Rihanna: Over 26,290,000 Twitter followers; over 61,832,000 Facebook likes and, well, you don’t get to be the best-selling digital downloaded artist of all time and not draw in a few fans. Rihanna‘s Navy and their gushing love knows what’s up.

Why the fans are really rabid: Bikini pics, ya’ll! Well, bikini pics and Bible quotes. The girl contains multitudes!

Vampire Diaries: If the shipping around your favorite show gets so intense the executive producer has to step in and tell you to simmer down, you’ve got a rabid fan base. That’s exactly what happened this week when Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec took to Twitter to beg VD fans to lay off one another. “However, I think it’s all important that we take a look at what we’re doing to each other in the name of “shipping”. Delena, Stelena, Bamon, SheriffForbesoDonovan, whatever it is that you root for, the point is to keep your passion positive,” Plec warned. “You can hate where something’s going, and scream your frustration to the world — just don’t make your words into weapons.” Over 13,826,000 Facebook likes suggests at least some fans are going to struggle with that one.

Why the fans are really rabid: Hot, sexy vamps. This is truly a no brainer.

Nicki Minaj: When Nicki Minaj calls you a Barbie, it’s hard not to feel the fan love. With over 14,708,000 Twitter followers at her command and over 21,840,000 Facebook likes, her Barbz have her back, even in a feud with Mariah Carey. Which we could only imagine would be so, so brutal.

Why the fans are really rabid: You can buy perfume…in a bottle shaped of Nicki’s torso. What other celebs are offering these kinds of perks?

The Big Lebowski: The film came out in 1998. Today Lebowski Fests are held in cities across the U.S. As their website explains, “Lebowksi Fest is not affiliated with the creators of The Big Lebowski. We are just huge fans of this Coen Brothers masterpiece.” The 1,496,286 Facebook likes belies the fact that the Dude truly abides.

Why the fans are really rabid: Take your pick! Donnie, The Jesus, Shomer Shabbos, the list goes on and on…

Any fan bases you’re aghast we missed?

[Photo: Getty Images/CW]

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