Kristen Stewart Is Super Awkward, Yet Adorbs During Florabotanica Live Chat


So this whole endorsement bidness — it ain’t easy. Because endorsing requires you to get off your butt, dress up and play spokesperson and spout off all this stuff fed to you, when all you want to do is get another hour in bed. Where is this coming from? We get a sense that Kristen Stewart felt all of the above and then some when she had to participate in the live chat with fans for Florabotanica, the Balenciaga perfume she is now the face of. Before we get into it, can we just say that it’s kind of cool that they’re sitting in a room that has the same motif as the campaign, as if they were sitting in the bottle itself. The “they” here is Kristen, and her very French interviewer. Nothing can inspire more awkwardness than sitting across from a French person. And while Kristen looks super sexy and well put together — brava! to whoever did her makeup — we want to hug her from the first minute of the video and yell, “You can do this!” And you can tell how earnest she is about the whole. But with all the earnestness, it gets pretty awkward, because of Kristen and her long-winded answers, stops and pauses. It’s hilarious and we lover her for it! “How do I convince my parents to get me the perfume,” asks one fan. “I don’t know, be good, I guess?” Kristen stutters. BEST. INTERVIEW. EVER.  We also love the part where she says, “Luckily … I like the smell of the fragrance so I don’t have to lie about that.” You tell it like it is, gurl!

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