The Vampire Diaries Is Doing Its Darndest To Make You Team Damon


Ian Somerhalder

There was a while when The Vampire Diaries did its best to keep us just as torn between Salvatore brothers as Elena herself was (and Katherine before her!). We were equally in love with Stefan’s sweet nature (not to mention those perfectly sculpted shoulders), as we were with Damon’s wry humor and piercing eyes. Not so much, anymore. Elena said she chose Stefan once and for all last week — but her rationale was super shaky. She chose him because he would have saved Matt first, whereas Damon would have ignored her wishes and saved her? The path of “good” can only take you so far, hon. By last night’s “Memorial,” we were convinced that Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec and company are going to spend a lot of time building the case for Elena to change her mind. Here’s how:

1. Oh, god, that scene of Elena drinking his blood nearly gave us a heart attack. The chemistry between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder CANNOT be hidden.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

2. Damon’s no longer the voice of unchecked impulses but of reason. “Vampires eat people. It’s part of the natural food pyramid,” he says. Stefan’s so intent on protecting Elena from his own “Ripper” fate, he’s blind to the consequences.

3. That doesn’t mean he’s not funny as hell about his murderous impulses. “Don’t look at me, I always take credit for killing people,” he tells Sheriff Forbes. “If I was going to kill people, I wouldn’t blow them up, I’d have a dinner party.”

Ian Somerhalder

4. Elena knows she can turn to Damon in a crisis, and not only will he come to her rescue with a bag of blood, he’ll have picked out the perfect dress for her too.

5. He’s sticking around Mystic Falls to “take care of the children,” even though he didn’t get the girl. We’re pretty sure that if Elena chose Damon, Stefan would leave town.

6. Heartbreaker #2, the last scene with Damon talking to his dead buddy Alaric about the hole he’s left (aww, we miss you too, Matt Davis!). This was a stunning contrast to his gruff appearance at the others’ lantern lighting ceremony (where at least three of the dead they named were gone because of Damon). He is so in touch with his humanity these days, it’s killing US.

Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder

PS. If I hear the phrase “heightened emotions” one more time, I’m going to go Ripper on those writers.

[Photos: CW]

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