Tom Hanks’ Adorable GMA F-Bomb Joins Our Top 10 Best Celebrity On-Air Blunders


Only Tom Hanks could drop a filthy f-bomb on Good Morning America and have us find him more endearing. Maybe it’s that mustache? It’s very sweet in a dad way, very Mr. Belvedere on a long weekend. Maybe it’s because we know Hanks was trying to get into character to demonstrate his Cloud Atlas accent for host Elizabeth Vargas? “I want people to buy my f—ing…” Hanks growls. No, it’s because T. Hanks claps his hand over his mouth and bugs his eyes like a scandalized seven-year-old when he realizes his blunder. Don’t worry, Tom! We’ve heard (and seen) worse on-air celebrity gaffes. 10 of them, to be precise!

1) Nicki Minaj Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On Good Morning America In 2011

Nicki Minaj Has Nip Slip On Good Morning America

Picking up the nip slip mantel from the illimitable Ms. Jackson, Nicki Minaj showed the world where her girls at during a live performance on Good Morning America last August. Unlike Janet Jackson, however, we doubt Nicki’s slip was planned. Seriously, Janet, what kind of top has tear-away boob flaps? None! Literally none!

2) Mark Wahlberg Drops An F-Bomb at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

We don’t know if your mother would even want Mark Wahlberg to say hi to her if she remembered his potty mouth at the MTV Movie Awards. Haha, naw. She still would.

3) Cyndi Lauper Drops An F-Bomb at the 2012 Pegasus Parade

Cyndi accidentally (and hilariously!) dropped the f-bomb into a live mic…while grumbling that the mic wasn’t on. Is that the definition of irony? Alanis Morrisette, what do you think? Don’t pretend you don’t read this blog, Alanis. Just tell us your opinion!

4) Michael Lohan Riled Up on Shepard Smith in 2010

We’ll get the defibrillator ready for the heart attack you’re going to have when you hear Michael Lohan dropped an f-bomb on live TV. Everyone stand clear!

5) Jenny Slate Drops An F-Bomb During Her Debut SNL Appearance

The lovely comedian Miss Slate blurted out the f-word on her first night on SNL. Her horrified expression says it all, but hey, isn’t it more surprising the performers don’t accidentally swear on SNL all the time?

6) Jane Fonda Drops A C-Bomb On The Today Show in 2010

Even more rare (and potentially shocking) than the f-word? How about the c-word, as dropped by Jane Fonda on the Today Show, of all places.

7) Caitlin Upton Answers A Question During Miss Teen USA 2007

Miss Teen South Carolina Upton attempted to answer a pageant question about the average American’s knowledge of world geography and was unable to do so because, uh, some, uh…people out there in our nation, uh, don’t have maps and we believe our nation education is like such as in South Africa and, the Iraq, everywhere like such as…

8) Ashlee Simpson Flubs Her Lipsync And Does The Polka On SNL In 2004

We will always remember Ashlee Simpson’s first time performing for SNL. The glitch with the vocals, Ashlee’s panicked dancing…even the fact that Ashlee Simpson was attempting a singing career was surprising at the time!

9) Kathy Lee Gifford Asks Martin Short How His Deceased Wife Is Doing

May 2012 brought us what might be the gaffes to end all gaffes: Kathie Lee Gifford asked actor Martin Short about his wife Nancy. Unfortunately, the comedian’s spouse had died in 2010. Kathie Lee later apologized and Short dismissed the mistake with the kindness of a saint, but still. A nation cringed.

10) Khloe Kardashian Slips A Nip On Fox & Friends In 2011

To this day, we have no idea how Khloe didn’t realize her top would reveal her lady bits on live TV. You know the Kardashians spend hours everyday starring into a mirror! Has living with Kim taught you people nothing?

[Photo: Splash News Online/Fox]

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