Rihanna Goes Public With Chris Brown At Qubeey Party, Considers Getting A Boob Job For Him


Rihanna and Chris Brown get close at a club in LA

Here comes a big score for Team Breezy. Rihanna and Chris Brown took their romance public on Saturday night as they attended the Beverly Hills launch party of Brown’s new fan website Qubeey. The two were caught getting cozy in a booth at the Playhouse nightclub, and this time it’s on camera!

According to witnesses, Chris was quite the Prince Charming during his private time with Riri. “He made her feel like a princess just by the little things he was doing,” one guest told Hollywood Life. ” He opened doors, pulled out her chair, you know, being charming Chris. He was being a gentleman and it was cute. They had a few kisses and some drinks…” Although they seemed very affectionate towards each other, Rihanna didn’t want their controversial reunion to steal headlines and tried to downplay her presence. “She loves him and anything she can do to support him she will. She wants to be by his side and show up for him and last night she did.”

One moment where Chris might not have been so charming was when he allegedly made unkind comments about Rihanna’s breasts. According to reports, Brown told Rihanna that she’d look “totally hot” with bigger boobs, and that she is now seriously considering going up “at least one cup size.” We sort of have a hard time believing this, considering…you know, she’s officially been voted The Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire and all. But hey, superstars can have self esteem issues too, we guess.

“She’s always been insecure about her cleav­age,” says an unnamed friend of Rihanna’s. “But Chris’s comment has spurred her on to really do something about it. Rihanna can’t help herself. What she really wants is something she can’t have: a commit­ted relationship with Chris…It’s horrifying seeing how much control Chris still has over her. It’s like she’s hypnotized.” We’re seriously hoping that this is just one of those ridiculous rumors that just disappears on its own. But then again, that’s what we felt about the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown reunion, so now we don’t know what to believe!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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